ULTA Salon & Haircut Prices, Coupons & Discount Offers

Take advantage of the many Ulta salon coupons that are made available regularly. Even if this is the first time you are visiting Ulta salons, you can get a first-timer discount.

Ulta Coupons for Salon

For several ladies and some men going to the salon is a must for at least two times a month. The expenses can be quite expensive, but with Ulta coupon for salon services, you will cut it down by a huge margin.

While there are several coupons offered by Ulta, the most common ones for salon services are:

  • $40.00 off any salon services – This coupon is rare, and usually it lasts for a few days. Nevertheless, individuals who get to redeem the coupon save a great deal of money.
  • $20.00 off coupon for new customers – This is for the newcomers, and it is usually given once. It does not apply to individuals who were once Ulta clients and have returned after being away for some time.

Ulta coupon for the hair salon

$19.99 off for first hair salon services is currently active. You can present the voucher in the form of a printed type or as a text.

However, you will not be able to use the coupon if you have another discount or offer by Ulta.

The other common coupon for a hair salon is the $30.00 coupon. Customers are highly encouraged to present the $30.00 coupon as a printed copy.

The reason for that is to ensure there are minimal cases of forgery, which is usually high when individuals are allowed to enter the code online.

Ulta Salon First Time Discount

This is a coupon that first-time clients get whenever they visit Ulta salons. Discounts may range from 20% to 50% of the total price due. Some of the common coupons in here are:

  1. 20% off Salon for First-time Customers
  2. Receive 20% off your first Ulta salon haircut

Ulta Coupon at Dealigg

At Dealigg, individuals have an opportunity to cut the cost of their purchases by a large margin as long as they produce the $3.50 off $15.00 coupon.

Usually, the code for this particular coupon is posted online at Dealigg website.

Ulta coupon at NYX

Sporadically NYX partakes in the redemption of Ulta coupon. It is an opportunity that Ulta clients have to utilize because it helps in the reduction of the overall expenses when buying Ulta beauty products at NYX stores.

Ulta NYX coupon code

With the NYX voucher code, you are expected to enter it when making payments for the products you have bought.

The codes change from time to time and sometimes are even sent to individuals’ emails. Those who receive the codes through their emails are primarily the devoted NYX clients.

Ulta coupon haircut

For those wanting to receive the haircut services at an affordable cost, you will need to acquire these two types of coupons.

  1. The first one is the $30.00 off haircut coupon, which is mainly for newcomers.
  2. And the second one is the $25.00 off voucher that is printable and can be used by all customers in need of hair cut services at Ulta stores near them.

External References on Ulta Salon Coupons

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  • Patriot Place: Printable Ulta Salon Coupons for Hair Color

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