Knowing the ULTA Coupon Exclusion List will save you the hassle of looking for coupons that may not give you the huge discounts you are looking for. Here, I list the exclusions including the brand, prestige and the 20% off coupon (no) exclusions.

ULTA coupon exclusions

As their esteemed customer, Ulta advises customers to be keen and aware of the following exclusions pertaining to the redemption of their coupons.

While it ULTA always strives to make sure the offers are available and extended far and wide, it is sometimes not possible due to unavoidable circumstances. This is what forced them to develop an exclusion list for some brands.

Below is the ULTA Coupons Exclusions List:

  1. The coupons cannot be redeemed for gifts or cash.
  2. The coupon is not effective on previous purchase
  3. Limit one per client- no customer should redeem more than one coupon in one transaction.
  4. The coupon is acceptable within the specified dates, which are usually indicated on the coupon ads.
  5. Some coupons are only offered on
  6. The coupon cannot be amalgamated with another offer, discount, or coupon.
  7. The coupon excludes beauty services from some prestige brands of cosmetics, fragrance, nail, skincare, and haircare.
  8. Note that only one coupon may be accepted per a single purchase on

More details about these exclusions you can contact their customer care team or visit Ulta, and read them by yourself.

ULTA coupon no exclusions

Technically where there are no exclusions, it means you are free to redeem your Ulta coupon.  And, usually, the information regarding the no exclusions on the redemption of your coupon is available at

In other cases, some clients call ULTA care team to be assisted on how to tell whether a coupon belongs to the no exclusions category.  You can also use that approach.

ULTA 20% coupon exclusions

In some instances, you will find one coupon having more exclusions than the other. You are required to adhere to the given instructions so that your coupon is not rejected.

Typical exclusions for the ULTA 20% off coupon include beauty steals, Dyson, hot buys, and beauty deals. You must note these exclusions.

Ulta 20% Off Coupon no Exclusions

Sometimes you may come across coupons that do not have exclusions. One example is the Ulta 20% Off coupon no exclusion coupons for some of the Ulta products or services.

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