Looking to buy a beautiful gift for your (or someone else’s) birthday? Well, you can read here and find out some of the ULTA coupon birthday gift discounts.

ULTA Birthday Gift Coupon

When is your birthday or your beloved’s/friend’s birthday? Birthday gifts matter a lot to the individuals who receive them. Sometimes the gifts are kept for a long time for future remembrance purposes.

If you are planning to buy a gift anytime soon, it should be from Ulta. You will be able to lower the cost of gifts by redeeming the following coupons.

ULTA 10% off Birthday Coupon

It is only acceptable after you buy a birthday gift. Since some gifts cannot be distinguished as birthday gifts, you are free to inform the cashier that it is a birthday gift.

He or she will consider whether to accept the coupon or not based on various factors such as the birth date and many more, meant for verification purposes.

ULTA New Guest Coupon

If it is your first time buying ULTA products or receiving their services, you are most likely going to receive a coupon. And in most cases, guests receive 10% off on all their purchases.

However, the quantity of coupon in some instances differs depending on the type of goods or services you have bought.

For instance, individuals in need of haircut services can receive up to $30.00 off on their first services while those in need of salon cannot receive over $20.00.

ULTA Coupon for Sign Up

When you sign up at ULTA.com, you are most likely to receive a 20% off coupon code, which you can redeem on your next purchase.

Remember, this offer is usually valid for a given period. Therefore, it is not a guarantee that if you sign up at any time of the year, you will receive the coupon.

How to Get Ulta Birthday Gift

If you are looking for how to qualify for an join the Ulta birthday program, then this is the right section for you. Ulta birthday gifts fall under what Ulta calls the Ultamate Rewards Program. The steps to joining the program and qualify to get birthday gifts are:

  1. Become a member: You will need to walk into the nearest Ulta store near you and get registered as a member, and a Member ID will provide you.
  2. Present Membership ID during shopping to get points: Whenever you visit the stores ensure you provide your member id (or the associated phone number) to get the reward points. If shopping online, ensure you have the member ID on your my account page.
  3. Receive a present on your birthday Gift: After following the above steps, you will always get a birthday gift from Ulta on your birthday.

NB: Platinum and Diamond members get an extra special gift from ULTA on their birthdays.

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