Tire Kingdom Oil Change Coupons: $5 to $17 Off

Find the latest oil change coupons from Tire Kingdom Centers near you. In these centers, you will access $5, $10, and $17 coupons.

You may also get coupons for blended and full synthetic oil change promo codes from the same centers.

Tire Kingdom coupons for an oil change

Changing motor oil has not been such affordable as it is at the Tire Kingdom when one has the following coupons.

  • $4.99 off coupon for a conventional oil change

If you have the $4.99 coupon, then you should do the following to ensure it is successfully redeemed at the Tire Kingdom location near you.

First of all, make sure it is being accepted. In other words, check its deadline before you even decide to use it.

Secondly, print it or provide a downloaded copy using your phone. If it is acceptable well and good, but if it is rejected ask for reasons and do what you are advised to do by the customer care team.

  • $10.00 off high mileage oil change coupon

The $10.00 off high mileage changing oil coupon is applicable for any high mileage oil. It is never accepted when you have another coupon or another offer by the Tire Kingdom.

  • $9.97 off complete synthetic or synthetic blend coupon is used for these specific types of oil change services. Make sure you do not violate the terms and conditions for coupon use at the Tire Kingdom as that can be costly to you or your company.

Tire Kingdom oil change coupon $16.99

The $16.99 coupon is mostly used for a conventional oil change. And, clienteles can print it at home and present the copy during their vehicle’s oil change service at the Tire Kingdom.

If you are a loyal customer with this coupon, you may receive free tire rotation, but that is dependent on the location.

Synthetic oil change coupons at the Tire Kingdom

$9.98 synthetic oil change voucher is still ongoing! It included a 22-Point inspection, filter change, up to 6 Qtrs. vehicle oil, and four-tire rotation.

Even if there are other types of coupons for a synthetic oil change, the $9.98 is the most common and frequently offered.

Tire Kingdom coupons for a full synthetic oil change

For the users of full synthetic oil, several coupons cover you, when you access the oil change at the Tire Kingdom.

The first one is the $9.99 coupon for a basic synthetic oil change. This one includes a free motor maintenance checkup. It is currently ongoing.

The second one is the $10.00 off a full synthetic oil change. It is currently not offered, but as soon as Tire Kingdoms updates on its availability, we will also inform you.

Tire Kingdom promo code oil change

The following table shows the most popular promo codes at the Tire Kingdom.

$9.99 Off$9.99 off for oil change services06/30/2019
IN-STOREIn-Store; non-synthetic /conventional oil change for only $20.00.07/31/1019
$55.00 Off$54.99 off for military registered members only.06/30/2019

Tire Kingdom coupons for an oil change and tire rotation

From time to time, Tire Kingdom offers unique coupons that allow you to change the oil and at the same time receive tire rotation services.

$12.99 off oil change and tire rotation are one of the coupons that come with the stated benefits. Customers are advised to inquire about these coupons from any Tire Kingdom near them.

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