Performance Plus Oil Change Coupons

Changing your motor oil should not cost you so much, now that Performance Plus is giving you a chance of redeeming their coupons across their stores near you.

However, besides taking note of Performance Plus oil change coupons, you are expected to note also their terms and conditions, so that you spend less time when redeeming them.

Performance Plus Oil Change Coupons

From time to time, clients at Performance Plus are given an opportunity to redeem their coupons, and the following are the commonest and most popular of all oil change coupons here.

$12.99 off any oil change coupon

This coupon is popular because it can be redeemed at any time one changes their vehicle oil and is usable across any type of oil one changes. Also, the $12.99 off coupon is both printable and can be used online.

$10.00 off Full  Synthetic oil change coupon

Unlike the 12.99 off coupon, this is an oil-specific coupon. Meaning you can only redeem it after you get the services for a complete synthetic oil change.

Therefore, the users of other types of oil, such as non-synthetic and conventional oil, cannot redeem it after changing their oil at Performance Plus.

Performance Plus Quick Lube coupons

The common type of quick lube coupon at Performance Plus is the 17.00 USD off coupon. However, it is only applicable to a full-service oil change.

Certainly, it is vital to take note of the specificity of the coupons because they can be confusing and at times, make you waste a lot of time in a given store during the payment process.

In case you are wondering what full-service oil change means, here is the meaning. Among other services listed at Performance Plus, full-service oil change encompasses:

  • Inspect fuel filter,
  • A new oil filter,
  • Up to a maximum of 5 quarts of Quaker State Motor Oil,
  • Add washer solvent,
  • Check cabin air filter,
  • Check wiper blades, and
  • Check blinkers and lights

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