Get the latest Mr. Lube Oil Change coupons for your next oil change service. Apart from coupons and deals, this post also covers discounts in Toronto, Oshawa, Saskatoon, and Edmonton.

Mr. Lube Oil Change Prices

If you are planning to have a long-distance journey using your car, then one of the things you would have to do apart from overall maintenance services is to change your car’s oil.

Now the problem with oil changing is pricing; some stores offer the services at a high cost while others such as Mr. Lube do it at an affordable cost.

Therefore, if you are planning to have your oil changed and you are wondering how much you will be charged at Mr. Lube, here is the price list for oil change services.

Please note that the prices may vary from one location to another.

  • $19.95 – you will change your oil for this cost at the Thornhill location.
  • $48.99 – this price is applicable in most Mr. Lube locations. It is, however, meant for basic conventional or non-synthetic oil. It includes filter change and up to 6 liters of oil.
  • $85.99 – if you need synthetic oil, then you will pay this price, and it includes maintenance inspection.

NOTE: It is advisable to contact your nearest Mr. Lube store near you so that you can be updated about their prices because they change from time to time.

Mr. Lube Oil Change Coupons & Deals

Mr. Lube offers the best deals for customers seeking their oil change services.

Apart from amazing deals and prices listed above, you can also get a chance to redeem your coupons at any of their stores as long as it meets their terms and conditions.

Here are some of the coupons for oil change services that are redeemable at Mr. Lube.

  1. $9.99 off synthetic oil change – currently it is active, but will expire on 31st December [y].
  2. $15.00 off full synthetic oil change – the deal is amazing, and customers with these coupons can redeem them when seeking oil change services in any of Mr. Lube’s locations.
  3. $8 off any oil change package – as the name suggests, this coupon applies to any oil change service.

Mr. Lube Oil Change Coupons Near Me

Mr. Lube has many outlets and it makes sense if you get coupon codes that can be redeemed at the outlet nearest to you. This section, therefore, explores the nearby Mr. Lube oil change coupons.

Mr. Lube oil change coupon
Mr. Lube Center: Richmond Hill, Ontario

Mr. Lube Oil Change Coupon Toronto

In Toronto, customers can redeem any Mr. Lube coupon for oil change amenities as long as you are not a beneficiary of another offer or voucher at that time.

Mr. Lube Oil Change Coupon Edmonton

If you are living in Edmonton, you can use your coupons at various Mr. Lube locations listed in the following link here.

Mr. Lube Brampton Coupons

Residents of Brampton can also access oil change and wiper coupons. all you need to do is avail yourself at the service center and present the clipped or printed coupon.

Mr. Lube Oshawa Coupons

You can also get $10 off on ordinary oil change service in Oshawa.

Mr. Lube Coupons Saskatoon

In Saskatoon, you can save up to $15 off a full synthetic oil change service.

Mr. Lube Oil Change Free Wipers

Mr. Lube understands that customers may need more than just oil change services. For this reason, they have added extras on the usual oil change discounts, and these include free wipers.

From today until 29th October [y], customers seeking oil change services are guaranteed free wipers, so why pay for them at another non-Mr. Lube location.

Links for Mr. Lube Oil Change Coupons

  • 1: CouponsBC
  • 2: Deals from SaveaLoonie



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