Midas Muffler Coupons & Service Specials

If you are planning to have your mufflers replaced by Midas then you would probably be interested in getting some of the coupons offered by the company.

It should be noted that Midas has shops and stores distributed over the US and their website offers an opportunity for you to search for the coupons offered in your area before you book an appointment with them.

How Much Does Muffler Replacement Cost at Midas?

Well, the cost of muffler replacement at Midas varies according to the type of muffler to be installed and, obviously, according to the vehicle in which the replacement is to be done.

Therefore, it costs between $45 and $315 to have your muffler replaced at Midas stores in the US

Midas Muffler Shops

Where Can I find a muffler shop near me? Is this your concern? Well, you will be surprised to note that Midas has many stores in the Us and one may be in your neighborhood.

All you need to do is go on the Midas website and search for the stores or shops near you using a zip code. Here you would then find walk into the store and buy the specific mufflers you need.

Midas Muffler Coupons for [m] [y]

Several coupons are offered by Midas to help you save some dollars on your repair services. These include:

#1. 10% off Midas Spare Parts Replacement Coupons

This coupon is targeted is offered by many stores, including the New York stores. It covers muffler replacements.

The coupons and promo codes also apply to the replacement of other spare parts including Brakes, Hoses, Belts, Headlamps, Wheel alignment, Suspension, Exhaust, and Bulbs.

The coupon applies on every 100 packages not exceeding the $300 mark as indicated below:

  • $10 off $100 worth of service
  • $20 off $200 worth of service
  • $30 off $300 worth of service

The coupon applies to many vehicles, but one must visit the participating stores. However, it does not apply to tires, batteries, and oil change.

The coupon expires at the end of [m] and it excludes any tax.

MORE COUPONS: Midas high mileage oil change coupons for [m] [y]

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