Midas Brake Coupons and Specials

Midas offers one of the best break services in the US. To attract customers and as a form of extending the Midas reward offers, they have coupons that can help you save some brake servicing costs.

Midas Brake Service Specials of [y]

The common brake service specials or discounts at Midas include:

#1. $50 Visa Prepaid Card Rebate for 1 Axle brake pad

This is a moneyback offer in which you receive $50 back to your visa card when you purchase 1 axle brake pads. The offer can also be activated after purchasing the brake shoe installation

One of the terms and conditions for this offer is that you should have made a purchase using the Midas Credit card.

#2. $100 Visa Card Rebate for 2-Axle Brake Pad and Shoe installation

This is similar to the rebate above only that it applies to when one purchases 2 axle brake pads and shoe installation using their Midas Credit Cards

You would need to fill the rebate form further approval of the credit card

This expires at the end of [m]

#3. $30 Rebate per Brake Axle for Non-Visa Payments

This offer caters to those who make purchases using other payment methods other than the VISA card.

For two axles the rebate for non-VISA purchases becomes $60

#Note: In the above rebate you would have to fill a special rebate form in which you clarify some details. The details to be clarified include:

  1. Complete your mailing information in which you provide personal details and address that can be used in case the company wants to contact you
  2. Choose the specific option of the coupons you wish to redeem
  3. Clarify whether you used another form of payment for the qualifying purchase
  4. Mail a copy of the invoice together with the completed form to the Company’s address, highlighting the offer number.

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