Honda Oil Change Coupon New York

If you are living in New York and your car is ready for oil change servicing, then you have a great chance of saving your money as long as you respect the terms and conditions that have been set.  For instance, your coupon can be rejected if you fail to use it in the format required in your specific Honda Dealership in NY.

Honda oil change coupon NY

These are the popular and most coupons that you can get to use when servicing your car in any Honda location within NY.

Kindly take note of the sensitive information indicated on the coupon about the date of expiry and restrictions.

  • $9.99 off any oil change coupon for purchases above $150.00 – if you have this coupon, then the restriction you should be aware of is that it will not be accepted if your total expenses for oil chance services at Honda are not above 150 USD.
  • $14.95 off first orders coupon – here the restriction is that you cannot redeem this coupon if this is not your first order at Honda, NY. In other words, this offer is meant for new clients seeking to change their car oil at Honda in the near future. It is a way of attracting new clients in NY.
  • $22.99 off the filter and conventional oil change – here the condition is that your car has to be serviced with conventional oil and receive new Honda filters for you to qualify to use the coupon.
  • $ 15 off synthetic oil change – with this coupon, the only people allowed to redeem it are those whose cars use synthetic oil.  If you have serviced your car with any other oil such as semi-synthetic oil, conventional oil, or any other, then you do not qualify to save using this coupon.

N/B: Kindly take note of this coupon restrictions and if possible, contact Honda customer care to be informed about any other condition for you to fulfill so that you are able to redeem your coupon.

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