Does Kroger Sell Alcohol (Liquor, Beer, Wines & Spirits)?

Kroger is a grocery store that offers a variety of items for shoppers, including alcohol. Some people may wonder if Kroger sells hard liquor.

Kroger carries a variety of alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and spirits. This makes it easy for shoppers to pick up what they need while they are doing their grocery shopping.

So does Kroger Sell Alcohol?

Yes, Kroger sells alcohol and liquor in terms of wines, spirits, and beer in most of its outlets throughout the United States. The alcohol is sold according to the policies and guidelines outlined by each state.

Kroger Alcohol Policy

The Kroger beer, wine, and liquor policy provide that the alcohol shall only be sold according to the provisions of the state-level legislation. Therefore, means the terms may vary according to the state in which a Kroger store is located.

Only four cases of wine and four cases of beer can be delivered at one time to anyone in Virginia who can legally buy alcohol.does kroger sell liquor, beer and wine

However, the permittee can deliver more than four cases of wine or more than four cases of beer if he/she tells the Department in writing at least one business day in advance, which notice includes the name and address of the intended recipient.

Kroger Alcohol Sales Hours

What time does Kroger stop selling alcohol? Well, the time Kroger starts and stops selling alcohol varies from one state to the other.

For instance, in West Virginia, beer and wine are not available for pickup after Saturday Midnight. The earliest one can pickup them on Sunday is after 1 pm. In Colorado, the earliest the Kroger stores can start selling alcohol to legally accepted persons is 8 am.

The states with unique alcohol sale hours and policies have been discussed below.

In Arkansas, alcohol is not available for purchase on Sundays whereas, in Georgia and West Virginia, alcohol pickup is not available before 12:30 pm and 1 pm on Sundays respectively.

Kroger Liquor Store Near Me

Does Kroger sell liquor in Tennessee?

Yes, Kroger stores sell liquor in Tennessee. The state of Tennessee has no laws against the sale of alcohol at grocery stores or pharmacies.

Kroger is one of many retailers who have chosen to sell wine and beer for consumption on their premises as well as off-premises consumption such as at restaurants and bars in Kroger’s parking lot.

This decision was made after a court ruled that it did not violate any constitutional rights because customers are not allowed to take drinks out of the store without paying an additional fee for “take-home” service so this practice does not impact public safety or welfare concerns either way.

Does Kroger sell liquor in Texas?

Yes, Kroger in Texas does sell liquor, subject to the legislation governing the sale of alcoholic drinks in Texas.

Does Kroger sell liquor in Michigan?

Yes. Kroger sells liquor in Michigan. The sale of alcohol follows the licensing provisions outlined by the state of Michigan

Does Kroger Sell Liquor in Ohio?

Yes, Kroger sells liquor in Ohio. They have a wide selection of wines and beers as well as some hard liquor.

FAQs on Kroger Liquor Sale

Does Kroger sell liquor on Sunday?

Yes, Kroger does sell liquor on Sundays in all states in the US except Colorado.

It should however be noted that the earliest pickup time on Sunday may vary from one store to another because some stores may allow pickups to start as early as 8 am while others may restrict pickup to as late as 1 pm in some states.

Does Kroger sell vodka?

Yes, Kroger does sell Vodka in most of their stores under the beer, wine and liquor section. Some of the popular vodka brands you can find at Kroger include Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Smirnoff Red No. 21 Vodka.

Does Kroger sell ginger beer?

Yes, Kroger does have Ginger Beer. The beer is sold as a package of 4 or 6 cans. Some of the common brands in the store are Kroger Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer (as 6 cans), Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer, and Bundaberg Ginger Beer (as 4 cans).


Kroger does sell alcohol at most of its locations. The selection will vary depending on the state and store location, but typically includes beer, wine, and liquor.

In some states, you can even purchase alcohol online and have it delivered to your door. If you’re looking to buy alcohol from Kroger, be sure to check out the selection first to see what’s available in your area. You may be able to find some great deals on beer, wine, and liquor at Kroger!

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