Used oil can be a serious pollutant of the environment if it s not disposed of properly. It is for this reason that some car dealers take or accept used motor oil for recycling purposes.

By disposing of your old oil properly, you are respecting the environment. In this post, we explore AutoZone used oil acceptance policy.

Does Autozone Accept Used Oil?

Yes, used motor oil, gear oil, and transmission fluids are accepted at most AutoZone locations. For more information, contact your friendly local location today.

While you’re there, you may also pick up a new jug of motor oil after dropping off your used oil.AutoZone accepts used oil

Does Autozone Charge to Take Used Oil?

No, AutoZone does not charge to take used motor oil for recycling purposes. It is part of the corporate responsibility to ensure that the auto industry results in as minimum environmental degradation as possible.

How to Recycle Used Motor Oil

  1. Make sure you take the oil filter out of the car.
  2. Use a funnel to pour the used motor oil into an old milk jug or another container.
  3. Put a lid on it.
  4. Recycle at a drop-off point in your area

Do not reuse, reprocess, store in hot areas like garages for future use, mix with anything else or dispose of in sewers or storm drains.

The recycled used motor oil will be destroyed and turned into heat energy if deposited down drainpipes during winter months because it is heavily contaminated with anti-freeze.

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