Does AutoZone Install Batteries For Free?

AutoZone is a company that sells auto parts and accessories for cars. It can be found in many places including the US and Canada. It does offer free services to its customers, many of which may not know about them. In this post, we explore battery installation, checking, charging, and replacement services at AutoZone.

Autozone Battery Installation Policy

Battery installation refers to the process of mounting a new or used battery into the specifically designed area in a vehicle. Battery installation can be done by a mechanic or a dealer, and depending on circumstances it may be free or charged.

Now, does AutoZone install batteries free of charge?

Yes, AutoZone does install batteries free of charge on the condition that you buy the battery from their store and where the installation process is simple or straightforward.

The AutoZone mechanics will help you if the battery can be changed without removing other components.

However, if the battery is hidden in the wheel well, behind or under the seat in the truck, or anywhere else, they will not change it. AutoZone offers this as a free service for their buying customers.

You will be happy to learn that if they are unable to change the battery, they can recommend you to a reputable dealer or mechanic that can assist you with the battery installation exercise. They also provide free battery, starter, and alternator tearing. AutoZone battery installation policy

You should also note that before or after the battery is installed the mechanics would have to test it first.

If their equipment indicates “charge and retest” after checking the battery in the automobile, the battery will need to be charged and retested. They can also test any battery if you bring it in removed from the car.

AutoZone Battery Charging

Does AutoZone Charge batteries? Yes, AutoZone does charge batteries for free.

How much does AutoZone charge to charge a battery? According to the customer representative we talked to, AutoZone does not charge you when you take your battery there for charging or testing.

They offer this service at zero cost so that if you find that you can no longer use the battery you have, you can always buy a new one from them

Battery Testing at AutoZone

Battery testing or checking is a process that ensures that the battery works fine. This means the battery’s voltage rating, for example, should be fluctuating within the optimal range.

Does AutoZone check batteries for free?

Yes, AutoZone checks and tests batteries free of charge. If you’re having issues with your car battery, stop by your nearest AutoZone for a free battery test.

If the battery is drained but still functional, we can charge it so you can go back on the road. We may assist you in finding an appropriate replacement if the battery fails the test.

There are two main ways you can have your battery checked at AutoZone outlets:

1. Bring the car with a battery in it

You bring the car to them, and they test the battery using a portable tester. The battery placement might cause a false readout. No connection to the +/- post on your battery means a misleading readout.

The handheld may claim your battery is bad if it isn’t. Batteries that are below a specific percentage will need to be charged first.

Also, the portable contains internal batteries that must be replaced often or the results would be incorrect. However, if the handheld user enters numbers incorrectly, the readout will be incorrect.

Ensure they test the alternator with the battery as well because it is sometimes the cause of a bad battery.

2. Remove the battery and take it to AutoZone

You may take the battery out and bring it to AutoZone to be tested on the battery charger, which is a larger version of the portable tester but also charges the battery.

The same principles apply when it comes to submitting the correct information in order to receive a good exam.

Checking and Testing Alternators

If the battery is in good condition, the alternator should be checked as well. Performing this test on your car with a portable device will only identify whether or not your vehicle has low voltage.

Because of the low voltage, alternators are almost never damaged.

They create an inconsistent high flow of current to your battery and overheats the battery, giving you the impression that it is a defective battery since the diodes have burned up in them.

You may be experiencing no start conditions after a long drive if your battery tests good and your alternator tests good, which indicates that your battery has been overheated and is unable to perform its function.

As a matter of fact, it will appear that there is no charge at all. It is possible to verify the current flow to the battery using a portable tester by selecting the voltage option and seeing what current is being delivered to the battery.

Generally speaking, a figure in the range of 14–14.4 is where you want to be, however, this might vary based on the kind of automobile.

Some automobiles, such as Volvo and Land Rover, have alternators that have clutches on the pulley, and the voltage output of these alternators is often greater. I guess the voltage is approximately 24 volts.

How long does it take AutoZone to check a battery?

It takes 3 minutes to accomplish everything. They remove the hood and connect the battery connections to an electrical conductivity tester.

They then run the automated testing, and it will print out the results in a pass or fail format, along with the battery’s CCA capacity.

AutoZone Battery Replacement

Nobody has you covered like AutoZone when it comes to batteries. They provide free testing and charging to ensure if your battery is in need of replacement.

If you do need a replacement, they will assist you in selecting the best battery for your car and driving patterns.

They’ll take care of you whether you require robust reliability in harsh temperatures, energy for various accessories and gadgets, or power for intense performance.

AutoZone Batteries to Buy

If you are looking t buy new car batteries, Autozone is one of the best places to visit because they offer free battery installation services.

The selection of the batteries you can browse and buy include:

  • Duralast Battery

This is perfect for you if you are looking for rugged, dependable power. Even in severe conditions, this battery is designed to restore your vehicle’s original starting power.

It is vibration-resistant construction ensures long-term durability. It has a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

  • Duralast Gold

This is perfect for those looking to reap maximum power. More plates and grids have been added to provide your car the best starting power in severe temperatures.

All of your usual accessories and additional devices will have electricity. Vibration-damage-reduction design for increased durability. It comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor.

  • Duralast Platinum

This is the best battery for superior performance. It has unique Absorbent Glass Mat Technology that outperforms traditional batteries in terms of power, durability, and adaptability.

To keep all of your everyday gadgets and additional devices going strong, this battery combines high beginning power with deep cycle capabilities.

Vibration resistance and battery life are improved by the sturdy design. For your safety, it’s maintenance-free, sealed, and non-spillable. It has a 3-year warranty on parts and labor.

  • Valucraft Battery

The is the battery for those who are concerned with getting value for the money they pay. It is designed to fulfill the minimal starting needs of your vehicle. For minimal requirements, particularly if you don’t have many attachments.

  • Marine and Dual Purpose Battery

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then this is the battery for you. AutoZone offers the appropriate battery to keep your enjoyment going whether you’re spending a relaxing day on the water or traveling in your RV.

  • OPTIMA Batteries

These are battery selections for those looking for very high power. OPTIMA Batteries provide a battery for any situation. These spiral-cell AGM batteries have what it takes to keep the party going on land and in the water.

FAQs on AutoZone Batteries

Does AutoZone take used batteries?

Yes, Autozone accepts used batteries. If you have a used battery and wondering how to recycle it, you can take it to AutoZone and they will take it for recycling or disposal.

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