Does ALDI Sell Almond Flour (Ground Almond Paste)?

Almond flour (ground almonds) is a great alternative to the all-purpose wheat flour used in baking and pastry.

It is often recommended ed by those looking for those observing a keto diet which includes both gluten-free and paleo diet cooking. It is sold in many grocery stores in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Does Aldi Sell Almond Flour?

Yes, ALDI stores in the US, UK, and Australia carry different varieties of Aldi flour. Therefore, if you would like flour that will perfectly fit your keto diet, then you just need to find the nearest Aldi store.

Almond Flour at ALDI

The common ground almonds or almond flour brand at ALDI stores in the US, UK, and Australia is Baker’s Corner Finely Ground Almond Flour

Baker’s Corner Finely Ground Almond Flour

This gluten-free and keto-friendly flour comes in 1 lb resealable bags. It is a raw and all-natural flour which makes it healthy for baking and pastry.

The fact that is finely ground means the quality and taste of your pasties won’t be impacted.

If anything, almond flour will guarantee a longer shelf life for the products because of the extra fat content that is known to increase the shelf life of baked products.

Aldi Almond Flour FAQs

In this section, we will explore some of the frequently asked questions concerning the almond flour or ground almonds sold at Aldi.

Is Almond Flour Bad for You?

No. In fact, Almond flour is good for you because it is as nutritious as other flours which are derived from whole nuts. It’s high in protein and magnesium, but low in calories.

Also, those looking to increase their calcium intake might prefer to use almond flour because it has twice the amount of this mineral.

Many people who like organic foods are pleased with their ability to make foods less starchy or crumbly when compared to other flours.

There are nutritional benefits to almond flour, but each person needs to evaluate these strengths against his/her dietary needs before selecting this type over any others.

For instance, if someone is following a low-carb diet then using almonds may help them feel satisfied thanks to their satiating effect on the intestines.

Is almond meal and almond flour the same?

Yes, almond meal (ground almonds) and almond flour are one and the same thing. The meal in this case refers to a product of the milling process, which is the process through which flour is made.

So next time you see Almond meal on the Aldi store shelves when looking for the ‘flour’, do not be discouraged, it is just the same thing.

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