Acura Service Coupons: A1, A123, B1, B12 & B16

Acura service and maintenance services can be costly if you do not have access to coupons, discount deals, and specials. For this reason, Acura offers coupons to cover the various aspects of car service.

Some of the general service coupons on offer include:

  • Brake Flush Service at $160
  • Pre-Paid Oil Change Plan at $180
  • High-mileage Club Special Offer at $900
  • Differential Fluid Flush at $150

Apart from these specials, you can also find specials and discounts in the following categories.

Acura A1 Service Coupons

What is included in the Acura A1 Service? Acura A1 service code informs you when your Acura RDX or MDX needs an oil change and tire rotation.

This is because the number 1 indicates that it’s time for a routine inspection, including checking the wear on parts like engine belts and hoses, rotating tires to avoid uneven treads from wearing out faster in certain spots of the road, inspecting fluids levels such as brake fluid and coolant temperature level to make sure they’re appropriate for driving conditions.

These are all essential maintenance procedures that need attention every 10-15 thousand miles depending on where you live.

Acuras handle differently than other vehicles do so regular maintenance will keep them running smoothly longer into their life cycle with less risk of significant problems cropping up at inconvenient times!

How Much Does Acura A1 Service cost? Currently, the Acura A1 service costs about $95 for the ILX and $95 for the RDX.

The common specials here include:

Accelerated Service Maintenance Special for $90

This special covers Oil and filter change, Inspection and refilling of washer fluid, inspection and refilling of hood fluids, and the inspection and setting of tire pressure. The oil used here is Full Synthetic OW20

Accelerated Service for $100

This is a minor service that involves changing the oil and filters, rotation of tires, and performing complimentary multi-point inspection of Tire Wear, Tire Pressure, Front and Rear Brakes, Brake hoses, exhaust system, fuel lines, and underbody.

Acura A123 Service Coupons

If your Acura is giving you an A123 code, it simply means that the car needs maintenance. Some possible ways to get rid of this error are by getting a transmission fluid change, tire rotation, or engine air filter change.

Your Acura’s blinking with codes like “A123” might be easy enough for anyone to fix at home – from just changing out some fluids and filters!

The Acura A123 service includes a type of services such as the Acura Styling, and the Acura Executive Protection. It also includes 1 LCD display screen. Acura A123 service coupon information will vary by dealer.

Acura B1 Service Coupons

A mechanical examination and oil and filter change are represented by the B in the Acura Maintenance Minder code.

The “1” in B-1 indicates that the vehicle’s tires need to be rotated. The brake system is also inspected and repaired as part of the B-1 maintenance.

Some of the coupons you can find for this include:

Maintenance Minder Transmission Service for $130.

This covers draining and filling automatic transmission fluids, performing multi-point inspection including resetting tore pressure and road testing

Acura B12 Service Coupons

A B12 service includes replacing engine oil or filter, inspecting brakes or tie rod ends or steering,  or gearbox suspension or driveshaft boots.

Brake hoses and lines are also checked as well as all fluids including exhaust system/, fuel connections.

“1” indicates that the tires should be rotated. “2” indicates that the air cleaner element, dust and pollen filter, and drive belt should all be replaced.

With the right mechanic or automotive specialists for your make of vehicle, these preventive measures could save time (and money) down the road–saving frustration in addition!

Acura B16 Service Coupons

An oil and filter change, as well as a new rear differential fluid, were included in the standard service, which was coded as B16 in the cryptic maintenance-minder computer.

This costs around $150, but this depends on the dealer and your source of parts.

Acura B123 Service Coupons

These are coupons for services that involve oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection, parking brake, cabin air filter, drive belt, and transmission fluid.

Acura Service Coupons Near Me

It is probably right that we point you to some of the nearest places you can redeem Acura service coupons. Please consider the following locations near you.

  • Acura Fremont Service Coupons
  • Acura of Pembroke Pines Service Coupons
  • Acura Carland Service Coupons
  • Acura Pleasanton Service Coupons
  • Acura of Tempe Service Coupons
  • Acura North Scottsdale Service Coupons
  • Acura of Lynnwood Service Coupons
  • Acura Plano Service Coupons
  • Acura Valley Stream Service Coupons
  • Acura Stevens Creek Service Coupons
  • Acura Libertyville Service Coupons
  • Acura Turnersville Service Coupons
  • Acura Service Coupons Maryland
  • Acura Service Coupons Pennsylvania
  • Acura Service Coupons NJ
  • Acura Service Coupons Bay Area
  • Acura Ardmore Service Coupons
  • Acura at Oxmoor Service Coupons
  • AutoNation Acura Service Coupons
  • Arlington Acura Service Coupons
  • Acura of Augusta Acura Service Coupons
  • Park Avenue Acura Service Coupons
  • Acura of Auburn Service Coupons

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