Acura Oil Change Coupons & Specials: $70, NJ & Near Me

Acura Oil change services can be accessed at many Acura Service centers and Acura dealerships in the US.

Here we list several Acura Oil change coupons and specials that guarantee massive savings for those who own Acura vehicle brands.

Acura Oil Change Cost

Before we delve into the specials, let’s first review the ordinary/normal cost of oil change at Acura service centers and dealerships.

This will help appreciate the savings one can make when they redeem the coupons.

The cost of oil change service at Acura Service Centers is determined by the type of vehicle (Sedan, SUV, or Hybrid), and the specific type of oil (synthetic, non-synthetic, or blended oil) that your vehicle needs.

In general, it ranges from $30 to $100.

Therefore, the dealers may quote you the price they believe meets your vehicle’s specific needs at the time of service.

Acura Dealerships Oil Change Cost

In general, the Acura dealers’ oil change cost may range anywhere around the values indicated below for the various oil types.

  • 5 Quarts of conventional Premium oil change service costs about $50, and it includes other services such as car wash, tire pressure checks, fluid checks, and multi-point inspections.
  • 5 Quarts of semi-synthetics oil change service costs about $65 and it includes multipoint inspection, fluid check, tire pressure inspection, and car wash services.
  • 5 quarts of full-synthetic oil change service costs about $80 including car wash multi-point inspection fluid checks and tire pressure checking services.

Acura Oil Change Coupons

Here we explore the general Acura Oil change specials and discounts. The latest coupons for an oil change at Acura include:

$70 Oil change special

The specific services covered by this coupon include:

  • Replacing the drain plug gasket
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection
  • Setting the correct tire pressure
  • Checking brakes and suspension
  • Checking and topping off all fluids with Wash & Vac

You will be happy to learn that this service only uses genuine Acura Fluids and Parts

It is suitable for customers who won Acura Models only.


Under this coupon/offer the Acura Turbo RDX and Full-synthetic oil are excluded.

Terms & Conditions:

  • This coupon comes with certain terms, condition, and limitations such as:
  • This coupon only applies to current active purchases and not prior/past purchases made before it was activated
  • There is a one-person one-coupon limit.
  • The offer is not valid for combinations with any other offer.
  • The customer must be ready to present the coupon at the service center or dealership
  • Relevant taxes may apply
  • Actual cost may vary according to the vehicle models

Acura Oil Change Coupon Near Me

Apart from the standard countrywide coupon(s) discussed here above, there are specific dealership coupons that may be redeemable at a service center near you.

Therefore, the nearest Acura oil change specials to check out may include those discussed in the following sections

Acura Oil Change Coupons NJ

Where can I get Acura oil change deals in New Jersey?

Well, if you are a New Jersey resident or a drive who happens to need oil change services while visiting NJ, you should consider the following coupons and specials.

  • $20 off cabin and Engine Filter special at Springfield Acura
  • The $223 Bundle special offer at Springfield Acura (you save over $70)
  • $5 off genuine Acura oil change special Springfield Acura
  • $5 off oil and Filter change special at Acura Turnersville.
  • A1/B1 service specials for replacing engine oil, filter, and draining the plug washer.

Acura Oil Change Coupons IL

Where can I get an Acura oil change in Illinois?

Well, in Illinois customers can make huge savings when they visit the local Acura dealers for oil change services.

Some of the latest Acura Oil change savings in Illinois include:

  • Conventional oil change for $30 at McGrath Acura
  • Semi-synthetic oil change for $40 at McGrath Acura
  • Full-synthetic oil change for $50 at McGrath Acura
  • Acura MDX Oil change coupon offers for $30 to $80

Karen Radley Acura Oil Change Coupons

For anyone looking for Acura oil change services in Virginia, consider visiting the Karen Radley Acura and get:

  • $30 for Premium conventional oil change service

Vandergriff Acura Oil Change coupon

The latest oil change coupon at Vandergriff Acura is the

  • A full synthetic Engine oil change at $60

Other Acura Oil Change coupons to Check

The list of coupons presented earlier in this post is not in any way exhaustive. Below are some of the coupons Acura customers look for depending on the location they are at in the US.

  • Acura MDX oil and filter change specials
  • Paragon Acura oil change coupons starting at $20
  • Acura RDX Oil change specials
  • Acura of Orange Park oil change offers
  • Esserman Acura oil change deals and specials
  • Acura of Pembroke Pines oil change coupons
  • Davis Acura Oil change discounts and specials


  • 1 Acura Service Coupons and Specials

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