AAA Membership Discounts for Seniors: Costco & Premier

AAA has some of the best discounts for seniors who possess any of the company’s membership cards.

The discounts offered by AAA cover different fields of life. Therefore, just anyone can take advantage of these and redeem some great discounts.

In this article, we will explore the various types of categories of discounts are available today.

AAA Membership Discount Codes

The AAA membership code is a discount code offered to AAA members, and it guarantees them to make huge savings at selected merchants.

I should note here that some of the merchants restrict the coupons to specific states. for the state-specific discount codes please continue reading this post.

Some of the existing promo codes for new sign-ups and renewals for seniors are:

  • $10 off membership that allows for automatic renewal
  • $10 off auto repair with a membership
  • $20 off renewal fees when you gift a membership
  • 50% off automatic renewal when you add additional members

AAA Membership Discounts for Car Rentals

If you are planning to rent a car, you can take advantage of the existing AAA membership discount codes for car rentals. Some of these have been discussed here below.

15% Off car Rentals

If you have the Hertz AAA coupon, you can get up to 15% off on car rental costs from selected car rental dealers.

All you need to do is approach a car rental that accepts AAA coupons. These are usually indicated on the respective coupon pages.

Oregon AAA Membership Discount Code

If you are an elderly person in Oregon, then you need to check the latest AAA membership discounts near you.

With these coupons, you can visit the nearest merchant that has partnered with AAA to make some huge savings.

Some of the savings you can make while in Oregon include:

  • Savings on Flights
  • Huge discounts on car rentals
  • Savings on Hotels
  • Discounted Costco Shopping

AAA Premier Membership Discount

AAA Premier Membership is designed to enable members to have access to the highest levels of benefits.

Seniors should therefore consider signing up for the premier membership because it would guarantee them more benefits.

This level guarantees privileges such as

  1. Personal assistance
  2. Travel luxuries
  3. Vehicle returns
  4. Car travel interruption
  5. Travel accident insurance

How much does AAA premier membership cost?

Well, you will be happy to learn that the AAA premier membership costs $119 per year.

Some of the notable discounts AAA Premier members get are

  • 200 miles of standard towing of vehicles, bicycles, motorbikes, and RVs
  • Up to $150 reimbursement for Locksmith service fees
  • $25 savings on AAA branded battery
  • Up to $1500 in trip interruption
  • Up to $500 in lost baggage cover
  • Up to $50 reimbursement for windshield repair

AAA Membership Groupon

Groupon is an online portal that lists some of the latest coupons, discounts, and promo codes that web users can browse to make huge savings at merchant stores.

AAA Membership Discounts for Seniors
AAA Car Care Center

Therefore, you should consider visiting them to see what AAA discount offers or promo codes exist to be redeemed in your locality.

Costco AAA Membership Discount

This promo code or discount targets Costco customers who are also AAA members.

The Costco AAA membership discount is a product of the partnership and collaboration between Costco and AAA in which both companies came together to reward their loyal members.

Under this arrangement, the customers or members did not have to clip or print coupons at all.

They just need to use their AAA membership card at the nearest Costco outlet and the respective discounts will be applied automatically.

It should be noted that the discounts vary according to the type of membership the cardholder has.

AAA Membership Discount Hotels

AAA offers hotel, dining, food, and drink discounts that you can take advantage of.

Therefore, armed with the AAA membership card one can make huge savings on hotel bookings, vacation destinations, business trips, and restaurant expenses.

Some of the hotel and restaurant discount for AAA members include:

  • 10% off food and drinks at Oceania Seafood Room
  • 10% off food and drinks at Hard rock Café
  • 10% off the total bill at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville
  • 10% off the total bill at Bubba Grump Shrimp Company
  • 10% off food & non-alcoholic drinks at Rainforest cafe

AAA Membership Discounts Near Me

You can also check for state-specific AAA membership discounts to find those nearest to you

AAA Membership Discount Florida

In Florida, AAA members can use the AAA memberships cards to make huge savings on rental cars, food and drinks, and locksmith services

AAA Membership Discount California

In California AAA members should check the AAA website to find deals pertaining to automotive services, car rentals, health and wellness, hotels, and travel insurance

AAA Membership Discount Texas

Those who hail from Texas have not been left behind. AAA members can redeem huge discounts on travel insurance cruises, automotive services, electronics, and pet products.

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